My journey dealing with secondary infertility in this crazy fertile world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can things ever be easy? Seriously!

I would absolutely love to be writing about how wonderfully boring my pregnancy is. I wish I could say how happy I am to be entering the 2nd trimester-the time when you are supposed to be feeling good. This is not that post, so fair warning not to read on if you have a hard time w/ people "complaining" about their pregnancy.

Let me first say I am thrilled to BE pregnant. has been rough from the get go. After my inexplainable bleeding last week I was partially relieved after my appt. that everything was okay. Then Friday I started feeling this intense pain/prssure in the vaginal area. I refrained from calling my doc's office since it was the weekend, but really suffered all weekend. I called first thing Monday am. They agreed to see me to rule a few things out. My appointment wasn't till yesterday (Tues) and it was the longest wait.

I have placenta previa-I guess the placenta is on or above my cervix which is causing the pain and bleeding. It could move and it coudl not. I never in my life hoped that I had a bladder infection, but right now I am praying I do. The pain is just so bad and they did send a sample in and I am awaiting the results. Dr. said if I do it could be the cause of the major pain. If this is solely from the placenta, it will be a long 6 more months. I am not lying when I say it is difficult to walk or stand.

So now, I wait again. I am resting a lot and just trying to remain calm.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Breathing a Little Easier....

Deep breath....reached 12 weeks on saturday. couldn't celebrate until today though b/c i had some unexplained bleeding on friday night. i couldn't even begin to post about it. i was trying the avoidance method to get my to my appointment which was today.

friday night i was supposed to go play bunco. it was to be my first "night out" in a long time due to being so sick the last several weeks. about an hour prior to leaving...went to the bathroom and had some (tmi coming!) thin clotty dark blood. needless to say, i paniced. called my dr.'s emergency number and was basically told not to worry about it since it stopped. dr said it was probably old blood from cervix and he would see me on tuesday.

what a long weekend! i tried not to worry too much, but that was easier said than done. then to make matters even better, we had a huge snowstorm last night into this morning. my appt was 9 am and there was no way i was missing it. got there after horrible driving conditions.

dr. did an ultrasound and i got to see the baby. he/she was moving and had a heartbeat which made me feel better. he didn't seem too concerned bout the bleeding. pretty uneventful appt. he did say i still have a cyst. (which i am reminded of everyday w/ my pain) but not to worry about it yet. hopefully it will dissolve.

so, i try to relax for a little while and attempt to enjoy this pregnancy. i hope to get caught up with my blog reading and commenting soon. hope you are all doing wonderfullly!