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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

Hi all! Where have I been? I can't believe it's been almost 20 days since my last post! I have been reading all of my favorite blogs everyday, but haven't had much to write. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers though. Some of you have gotten some really great news recently and I wish you congrats! (amanda from congrats!) bloodwork came back and apparently I had been exposed to fifths disease so I did have antibodies to help protect my little peanut. Had my monthly checkup yesterday (23 weeks as of today!) and all seemed to go pretty well. Hernia is getting worse, but will get belly band to help support my stomach. Today (my 31st b-day) I am having major back pain. Praying it goes away SOON!

Since I have last posted, my toddler was sick. Then my husband. Then me. Love the traveling illnesses!

Thinking of you all. Lots of love and luck to you!!!!


Fertilized said...

oh uck about hte 5ths disease- but WHOOOOO Happy Birthday to you!

gracechild said...

Happy birthday kid :) (I can call you that, I'm 3 months older he! he!!. Hope you all get well soon

Elaine said...

Happy belated birthday! So sorry that you and your family have been passing along colds. I hope you are feeling much better. Glad you are back. I've been a little MIA myself!

Searching said...

Happy birthday a little late! I hope everyone is on the mend!!

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad that you already had the anitbodies for fifths disease. Whew. That sucks that the entire family has been ill, though. Ugh.

Thank you for the kind words!! :-)

I hope the band gives you the support you need. Good luck with the back pain!