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Friday, March 7, 2008

Just Catching Up

I feel like I have so much to say, but just can't put it into words. I am really looking forward to my doctor appt on Tuesday. A month seems so long in between appointments and this time for me it was only 3 weeks. I read blogs every night, but sometimes I just don't feel like writing. I feel like I am in such a weird place. It is hard to write about pregnancy on an infertility site. It's like you don't want to say anything negative because you know there are so many people who would change places with you in a heartbeat. Nonetheless, I am still having a hard time getting over my anxiety. I have been on moderate bed rest and am hoping that my placenta has moved. Luckily for me, I have been entertained by all the reality tv shows that have been on. I am obsessed with American Idol. I also watch Big Brother, both of which are on 3 nights a week. Helps keep me busy. I am sooooo tired of the snow we have been getting in Pennsylvania. Will spring ever arrive???? Well, I will write on Tuesday I am sure. Hopefully with some good news. :)


Fertilized said...

this is your blog and pregnancy is part of it - blog if you want - you will always hurt feelings regardless even if you try your hardest .. I am glad you have a dr appointment tuesday - sorry you are on modified bedrest but glad there is TV to entertain!

May said...

I wouldn't worry about posting about your pregnancy-- your blog is about you and should reflect your own concerns. I think most IFers are pretty good about regulating which blogs they visit when they're in an emotional place where they don't feel able to read about other people's good fortune.

And it's scary to be pregnant, especially after IF, and when the pregnancy isn't picture perfect.

Sending you good vibes for a migrating placenta!

gracechild said...

it's not so much an infertility blog as it is your blog. enjoy it in all the ways you can. Have a blessed weekend