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Monday, May 26, 2008

For Lack of a Better Title...Happy Memorial Day

I feel like there is so much going on in the blogs that I frequent. I want you to know that ALL of you have been in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Although I don't post much, I find myself rushing to my computer to find out the latest on each of you.

Nancy got a BFP from her FET and is truly hoping it doesn't turn out to be ectopic as the beta numbers possibly suggest. Send her some support if you can. Finally it seems that it is Waiting in Line's turn! She got a BFP with twins, but unfortunately has been suffering from hyperemesis gravideram. I sadly know too well the damper this puts on pregnancy as I had it with my first pregnancy. You want to be soooo happy, but while you are vomiting every is quite difficult! It WILL get better! In Search of Morning Sickness also recently got a BFP. She also just had a very Happy Birthday!

In my neck of the woods, things seem to be going well and I am happy to finally have some calm times that I can enjoy this pregnancy. I am now 27 weeks and trucking along. I am sure I will have more to write as I get closer to my due date, but for now I am just trying to be "normal". Lol. Easier said than done!

Good luck to all of you w/ your recent BFPs and for those of you still trying. I keep wishing, hoping, and praying for you too!



Fertilized said...

happy 27 weeks!

Fertilized said...

happy 27 weeks!

nancy said...

Gosh, for 2 weeks I've been looking at the same post of yours and then WHAM! I'm mentioned in the new one! Thank you! :)

Good job at making it to 27 weeks! Wow!!!

Elaine said...

I'm glad you are doing well. I think of you often! just 13 weeks to go!!!!

Searching said...

27 weeks is my truest "reassurance" stage. I let out a huge sigh of relief when babies hit 23 weeks, but feel SO much better when they hit 27. Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 27 weeks (even though as I'm typing this you're almost 28 weeks so maybe I should say Happy 29 weeks instead)!

Thank you so much for the mention and the thoughts. :-)

I'm so glad that things are going well and I hope the "calm times" continue!