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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I feel like I have been waiting for June forever. I am now 29 weeks and I just remember always thinking that June would be like entering the "safe zone." See, I have a few risks for preterm labor, but I am feeling more confident being near 30 weeks. Don't get me wrong...I will feel much better come 36 weeks!
I had an appt today and it went pretty well. I have a planned c section schedule for aug 15 so things feel more real w/ a date being picked. I am down to every 2 weeks for my appointments so that is exciting. And I talked the dr into letting me have another ultrasound later this month. woo hoo!
I am feeling the baby a lot more which is comforting. Also, I have been feeling exhausted. With that being said...I am off to attempt to sleep. Attempt being the key word!
Thanks for the continued well wishes. :)


nancy said...

August 15th is my birthday :)

Fertilized said...


Jen said...

29 stinkin cool! :D

nancy said...

oh - and get the hell out. 29 weeks? That's insanity!

Searching said...

Wow... Time is flying! 29 weeks and up is such a nice place to be. :)