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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I haven't been posting much b/c I feel like I am just waiting. A quick update...I was BACK in the ER for a 3rd time on Monday. It was for breathing problems and chest pains. They thought it was asthma but couldn't rule out a blood clot so they had to do a CT scan w/ iodine. I was hysterical. You are talking about someone here who won't even take tylenol for fears of hurting the baby and now I have to undergo radiation. It was a horrible and emotional day, but thank God I didn't have a blood clot! Today was my weekly check up. I am still not dilated and the baby hasn't even dropped. Dr. considered moving up my c section date to friday the 15th which would have thrilled me, but after the not so promising internal he decided to keep monday the 18th. needless to say, i was disappointed. i guess i will spend the next 10 days waiting and nesting. enjoying reading about all of you though!


Elaine said...

Oh Rebecca...I was just getting ready to leave you a comment on your last post asking if we have a baby yet? I am so sorry that you are having so much trouble breathing right now...I hope the next 10 days fly by and that you will be able to breath easily!

I'll be stalking your blog for updates! Rest up! 10 days will be over before you realize it!

Searching said...

Wow... less than a week at the latest! You are in my prayers for health and safety for you and the baby.