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Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

Merry Christmas everyone! After reading someone's blog, they commented on how different what they wrote this year compares to last year. This prompted me to look back to my Christmas post of 2007! I had recently received my BFP, but was having some cramps and spotting. I now vividly remember that I was just "blah" on Christmas thinking that I would be having a miscarriage any day. I didn't "enjoy" the most wonderful time of the year...even though I had what I wanted most-a BFP!
This year I did enjoy Christmas! With my toddler and now 4 month old baby! I really don't know where the time goes!!! Makes me want to slow life down a bit. In fact...we did nothing today but enjoy our family. No driving around to see a hundred people feeling stressed. In fact, I took 2 naps!!!!! I rarely get even 1! Then I read that a fellow blogger passed away (Lemondrops) and I was terribly saddened by this. Affirms my wanting to slow life down philosophy! She also had 2 beautiful little boys. My heart aches for her family. I lost my Dad around this time several years ago!
As I said at the close of my post last year...I hope the next year is full of babies all around. I am excited that ~many~ of the blogs I read include several pregnant women. A few of whom are nearing the end of that LONG 9 month journey. Ironic part is, although you want to speed up those 9 months, once the baby is born-you want time to stand still! Happy Holidays all!

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nancy said...

I agree about the hurry up thing with pregnancy. I know too well how quickly things move after the baby is born and now that I'm nearing the end, I'm so worried about how I'll handle the real "end" to my pregnancies. I'll never be pregnant again and I just love it so much. Ack. It's such a turmoil of emotions.

Glad you had a wonderful xmas!