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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So much...yet so say

Ah...where to begin? First of all, I truly hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I really thought with my recent good news of a BFP that this would be a fabulous holiday. I did still try to enjoy it, but I was having some early pregnancy issues. Without going into a super long story, I thought I was miscarrying on Sunday. When I called the doc., they just said to take it easy and get off my feet. Which made it difficult to take in all the Christmas happenings. Basically I had some spotting/cramping in addition to absolutely zero pregnancy symptoms. Although the spotting subsided I still called today. They repeated my blood work and I guess I will know tomorrow how my HCG levels are going. I hope and pray that it is up.

We wanted to tell a few close family members on Christmas but decided against it due to the circumstances. Why is it that people who have had to deal with any sort of infertilty issue can't just enjoy a pregancy. I mean, I am only 5 weeks. I have only known for 1 week and I have worried pretty much every second. So I am asking for a few more of your prayers and well wishes. I really hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and I am praying for all of us/you to have a baby filled 2008.

I will update tomorrow! Thanks for your continued support!


Fertilize Me said...

oh my friend- praying and praying!!

Searching said...

How scary!! You have my prayers for sure. I will check back later today to hear what the numbers were. Praying really hard they are good!

Elaine said...

Oh my gosh...I am praying that you post very GOOD news soon. I know you are uneasy, but you have to keep in mind, stress isn't good on your little one. I hope and pray your #'s are up, up, up!!!!

Jen said...

just checking in for an update. I'm a day late and you probably have your answer by now but I'm praying just the same!