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Monday, December 17, 2007


As those of us who have experienced infertility know, life is a lot about waiting. Waiting in the 2ww, waiting for test results, waiting for a new cycle. You get the point. WEll, right now....I am waiting. I wasn't even going to post, except for the fact that you wonderful supporters who read/comment on my blog may wonder-what is up?

My day...cliff notes version so don't worry!...began with the continuation of bad weather. However, I did get a HPT and POAS. It was positive which made me very very happy. BUT, I wasn't surprised due to being late. Also, I think that I am so jaded that I know that a positive test doesn't always mean a baby. Obviously, at this point I am super thankful and hopeful.

So, I called the docs office and they wanted me to come in for a beta and progesterone test. I was really hoping for results today, but no such luck. I truly hope I find out early tomorrow morning. They said depending on my levels will determine whether or not I need to repeat the beta.

My main worry...I have no symptoms. Zero, nada, zilch, zippo. So, for now...I will still wish, hope, and pray for a positive outcome. Either way, I will blog tomorrow night. I hope it will be with good news, but if not then I could use your support. I know soooo many of you have gone through this. Thanks for your well wishes. YOu guys are awesome!



MoonNStarMommy said...

OMGoodness!! CONGRATS!! I know what you mean though... about the positive test and being jaded about it. However... ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN... each of the babies... we love no matter how long we have them... I send you all the sticky vibes I can and I hope that this is it!!! Let us know how the beta goes ASAP!

A said...

Try not to stress about the lack of symtpoms. It's way early to depend on those for confirmation!

I can't wait to hear the test results! I'm only thinking positive big happy thoughts for you!!!!

Elaine said...

YAY!!!! Can't wait to hear what the doc says. I hope that we are celebrating your BFP!!!! Couldn't be more excited for you!

nancy said...

Wow! Congrats! Yet ANOTHER BFP for the holidays! This has got to be a record. My "Pregnant" list of blogs now outmunber my "IF" blogs. Soon I'm going to be the only one left on it.

Have a wonderful pregnancy. Congrats.