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Monday, January 28, 2008

6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

I have been tagged by Elaine at (I am so sorry...I don't know how to do that linking thing!) Anyhow, the rules are simple: link to the person who tagged you, list the rules in your blog, share six non-important quirks about yourself, tag at least 3 people, and leave those you tagged a comment so they can play too!

So here goes:

1. When I was 21 I went to Atlantic City for the very first time. I actually won 30,000 on a slot machine. Paid off my school loans and saved for my wedding! It was surreal!

2. I am a reality tv junkie. The strike isn't affecting me too much b/c I watch so much reality tv. I love American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Dance War, Bachelor, Real World...the list goes on and on. I am even so pathetic that I watch "Reality Chat" on tv guide network.

3. Due to parents' divorce and remarriages I have 9 siblings. One full brother, 2 half brothers, 4 half sisters, and 2 step brothers. CRAZY! Imagine the family reunions!

4. I like to think I am musically inclined. I sang and played an instrument all through school. I now sing in the church choir and play hand bells. However, I will not be a contestant on American Idol any time soon!

5. I love ethnic foods! If I go out to eat, chances are I will choose either Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, or even Greek restaurants. My favorite are the habachi grills where they cook in front of you.

6. I am a Wizard of Oz fanatic. I have an entire curio cabinet filled with collectibles. I do an entire W of O tree at Christmas time. I pretty much have the movie memorized.

I now tag Moon and Star Mommy who just got a BFP and this will take her mind off things till her next u/s. I also tag In Search of Morning Sickness b/c her husband just got deployed and maybe this will help the time go faster. Finally I tag Nancy who is in the second week of her 2ww.


nancy said...

good lord - what luck you have!!!

Searching said...

lol, love the casino victory. :)

A said...

wow. #1 is just amazing. The odds must be astronomical that it would happen for a first-timer.