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Sunday, July 13, 2008

still around

hi all...i am still around but haven't been able to blog much. although i am not necessarily writing or commenting, i still steal a few minutes each day to keep updated with all of you. sounds like everyone is doing great which is super exciting with all the first trimester BFPs in my blog folder. i am now about 35 weeks and starting to feel the panic of not being ready. we have decided that we need to move, so in the process of being so tired from pregnancy and having a toddler...i am also preparing our house to put it up for sale. exhausting is an understatement!

not too much new to report. i have a dr appt this thursday and i think i go every week from now on. i haven't seen my dr in a month b/c he was not there for my last appt. i will probably post after my visit.

lots of loving thoughts are with all of you!


The Baker's said...

Thanks for the sweet comment.It was about you taking Zofran while you were pregnant for nausea. I am a nervous nellie with taking any meds. Congrats on the boy, you are almost there. I wish you luck with putting your house on the market, I pray that it goes smoothly and that you have a safe and smooth delivery.

The Baker's said...

Sorry,I thought that I read that you were having a boy, maybe not, congrats whether its a boy or a girl.

Elaine said...

Wow...35 weeks? That seems to have flown by--not for you, I'm sure! Anyway, I can't wait for little Carson to get here so we can all see some pics! Rest up in the mean time! 5 weeks will be gone when you blink your eyes!

Searching said...

Oh, ick! Moving and third trimester sounds like a whole lot of not fun. You will have many prayers sent your way!

The Broken Man said...

Wow, you are brave attempting to move so late on! We are preparing to move, but my wife is only 19 weeks, and she's finding it exhausting!

The Broken Man