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Friday, June 20, 2008


I have turned into a lunatic. The nonsensical crying continues. My friends used to joke that I was like Chandler from "Friends" who said he was "dead inside" b/c he never cried. That seriously used to be me...I mean, it really took a lot to get me to shed a tear. Now...forget it!

Also, I am nesting like a crazy woman. Almost like I have become obsessed with cleaning. I am so tired, but always want to clean. I can't get to sleep till everything is in its place. Having a toddler and a messy husband does not help the matter.

Had my appointment yesterday, and I am happy to report that it was a 5 minute, uneventful appointment. I do have an u/s next week which I am really looking forward to. It will make me feel a lot better to just know that everything continues to be okay.

The wedding that I am in is this coming week, so I am glad that will be over and done with soon. I have really been dreading it. It will be a long few days.

So....with that I am off guessed it! CLEAN!

I will post after my u/s on Thursday with a report. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)


Fertilized said...

crossing my fingers

nancy said...

you know i totally added you to my feeds right away? don't you? I have already marked you as read - don't know why i didn't comment on this last one. I must of on the one before this one!

can't wait for u/s update.

Jen said...

can't wait to see what tomorrow's U/S says!