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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

All is calm...

I know I haven't written in awhile, but sadly it is b/c I have nothing to write about.

I was still a little upset that my last appt with my doc had me continuing on with the chlomid and nothing else. I am soooo ready to either add something or do something else like an iui. he wants me to officially wait a year. so, anyhow...i am pretty sure this month is a no go.

I am still over a week away from a visit from my least favorite aunt. (you know the one...starts with an F and ends with an O) DH and I most definitely missed our window. I know my most fertile days are days 12-15 as I usually ovulate between day 13-14. Well, my husband and I were on completely opposite schedules and were not able to BD those days. We even tried once at 2 am when he gets home and once at 7 am before I went to work, but honestly...we were just too tired.

I am a little disappointed as I feel as though we "wasted" a month. I keep reminding myself the usual.....just put it in God's hands. While I have a lot of faith...that is easier said than done. There are so many things in life that you can work towards and accomplish if you put your mind to it, but with infertility you truly do not have control no matter what.

So, for now I wait to try again in December. Not exactly the usual 2 ww. To boot...I think I have a UTI. ugh! Anyway, I continue to read and keep up with all of your blogs and wish baby dust on all of you.


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Elaine said...

Hey You. I am sorry you seem sort of down on this month. I can certainly understand the missing your window...felt like that for 4 years now. Just keep your chin up and hang in there. It is hard to put matters into God's hands...I'm right there with you girl.. just keep praying...