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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back to Square One

I hate to say it, but I was starting to think pregnancy just might be possible. That crazy thing that we all do during the 2ww where we start to ~imagine~ symptoms. I was definitely doing that this morning. I even had a dream about being pregnant. Probably because everyone I know is pregnant. Well, at least it feels like that.

I had some cramping this am and was sooooooo hungry that I thought I would die. So, on the way to church we went to McDonalds and I started to let my mind wander there. Sure enough, had to go to the bathroom at church and wiped only to see some spotting. What an ironic place for that to happen! At least it helped to remind me that this whole process is part of God's plan!

I guess my "symptoms" were just PMS symptoms. Ugh! Back to square one. I am truly dreading taking the chlomid again. Even though it is just 5 days...the side effects are not fun!

My period hasn't gone into full force yet, but I have certainly been spotting all day and it is progressively getting worse. I am sure tomorrow AF will be here in all her glory. And to think, I was going to POAS tomorrow. I guess I saved 10 dollars. Lol! (Hey, if you don't cry.)

Anyhow, thanks for your prayers and well wishes. Especially thanks to Elaine at who has been my biggest supporter. :) The best thing about this site is that it helps to put everything into perspective. When you start to think that you have been dealt the wosrt hand ever, someone else's story reminds you to be thankful that you are even in the game.

For now, I will try to enjoy the next 2 weeks before I am ~waiting~ again. Hugs to all!

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Elaine said...

Oh, I'm sorry girl. I really hoped you would be sharing good news with us today. AF will be visiting me this weekend too, so our cycles won't be too far apart. Just don't stop wishing, hoping, and praying! Sending cyber hugz!