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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Infertility Roller Coaster

The roller coaster continues. Since I am on the femara, I had to go see my gyn/ob on day 21 for an exam and my progesterone bloodwork. My appointment went really well. He did an internal (ugh!) and said my cervical mucus looked good. He even used the word "promising" this month. I tried not to get my hopes up, but you know I did. I had absolutely zero pregnancy symptoms though.A few days later the office called w/ my bloodwork results. My progesterone level was a 24 which was great! That also made me hopeful that this second round had worked! I waited till day 25 and took a test. Big Fat Negative...of course. I was still thinking...mabe it was just too early.So day 28 came and still no period. Another test, another negative. Day 29...ditto. Day 30....repeat. Day get the idea. Finally day 32 I called my doc. I knew from my bloodwork that I ovulated, so they were going to do a lab pregnancy test. Well, needless to period came that night.So now, I am officially on cycle 3 with the fertility drugs. This month they are sending me for an ultrasound on day 14 so I will update on what news taht brings. I fear that I will be diagnosed with PCOS. I have always suspeted I had it, but I guess we shall see.

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