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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Bachelor

Leave it to me to find a life lesson within a reality tv show. (fyi...i am addicted to tv)

As I was feeling sorry for myself dealing with all the fun things that come along with a period, I realized something. I was watching all these (pathetic) girls who are so wanting to find love. Many of them appear desperate even. Then I related to how most of us here in the blog world are desperate (and often pathetic) to get that bfp. At least we have won half the battle. I can't imagine not having my wonderful husband to share this journey with.

I am actually doing a lot better today. I called my dr so that they could call in my prescription. I wanted to add a "Ha Ha, told you I wasn't pregnant." but figured it might be mildly inappropriate.

I went over my friend's tonight to watch Dancing With the Stars and she is about 5 months pregnant with number 2. Her first is only 17 months old so she will definitely have her hands full. I was able to be happy and excited for her instead of focusing on my disappointment. I even talked to her alittle about my infertility issues. She was supportive and although this baby was conceived naturally, she had to have 3 iui's to get pregnant with her first daughter.

My new mantra; when it is meant to will happen. God has a plan and He will decided when it is right for me to be pregnant.

Good night!


Elaine said...

Wow! That was a great metaphor. I have never pictured myself being one of those hopeless women on TV who are looking for love...but you are exactly right. I would be first in line for THE PREGNANCY should that develop into a primetime tv success. I am glad you are feeling better. My headache is finally going away, so I feel better too.

I liked your comment about if we were to get pregnant during November. Cheers! Here's to Turkey babies!!! (I have a feeling we would be very Thankful regardless.)

Lindsey said...

glad you have such a peaceful outlook and a good mantra. We are certainly not in complete control. Hope your days continue to get better