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Friday, October 19, 2007

My (pointless!) Appointment

I had my appointment today and I can honestly say it was pointless. When I called last month for them to call in my chlomid when my period came, the nurse said the dr would want to see me on day 28 this cycle. Today was actually day 27, but obviously he isn't going to see me on the weekend. I didn't even go in an exam room. They just ushered me to his office where we talked for less than 5 minutes. He told me my progesterone level was 21. (Good I think.) He is pretty confident taht I am ovulating and basically wants to keep my medication and dosage the same. That was pretty much it. At one point he made it sound like he was going to try something new or give me more options, but then said..."I think we will keep this up for a few more months." He gave me a speech about how many couples take up to a year (we're on month 10) to get pregnant and that is completely ~normal~.
I hate how I got my hopes up that this was going to be some miracle appointment. Who in their right mind looks forward to a dr appointment? (Unless you are pregnant and are going for some reassurance). BUT...I really looked forward to this one. ?????? Don't know why. Maybe I thought he would have some new method that I haven't tried yet. At any rate, it was totally pointless. As I left I said, "I'm sure I'll be calling on MOnday so that they can call me next prescription in when my period comes." He said, "Maybe you will be calling to tell us about a positive test." Somehow I am pretty sure that I am right in this case!
Well, I wish everyone a nice relaxing weekend. I am HOPING my period doesnt come, but I have refrained from ~wasting~ a test b/c I don't think that this is THE month. If it doesn't come by Monday I will definitely test! TTFN!


Elaine said...

So many times I have found myself leaving the dr.'s office feeling the same way. I think we just expect him/her to comprehend the anxiety, stress, anguish that we are feeling, and then...we are just "another patient" in most cases. I will say though, that the times I found myself pregnant, it was on months that I just "knew it wasn't." Don't want to get your hopes up...I've just began myself to face each cycle without any expectations...but I am praying for you and sending as many positive vibes as I can...

Do you watch the spin off to Gray's called Private Practice? It comes on Wed nights. It's been really good, and there is a doctor on the show who is an infertlity specialist. My husband said on Wed
that maybe we needed to go to her :) It actually made me laugh at our circumstances, and it's been a really long time since I have been able to do that.

Searching said...

There have def been doc appts I am just dying to get to. Of course those are the ones taking months to get in and have so much weighing on them (like mine w/the maternal-fetal GYN that I was desperate to know if I could/should have kids and ended up having to go sooner for an emergency and totally freaked out over if I was going to die and it just wasn't the way I pictured it going). So yes, I understand the hope that can weigh on the shoulders of those white coats and it's not silly. I'm sorry he had to say to more or less chill for a few more months. That must seem like forever. :( I'll be praying for you!

Thanks for all your support on my blog! It's VERY appreciated!