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Monday, October 1, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays....Always Get Me Down

Not too much to write about on the infertility front as I am only on CD 9 and waiting to BD days 10-20. Doing surprisingly well considering even more friends have recently announced their "buns in the ovens." Found out SIL is having a boy, ex SIL also a boy, and best friend is having a girl. These three are all due within days of each other in February.

In laws were here for a visit, and because I have a Halloween ghost w/ a baby ghost hanging on my door, my mother in law asked if I was trying to tell her something. She really wants another grandchild and often hints about it. I was like, "No...I am not pregnant!"

Got asked to be in a wedding. Not one of my favorite things. The wedding is June 28 which is apparently about 9 months away because the groom ran into me today and said..."Don't plan on getting pregnant any time soon." Ummmm....okay....! Only people who suffer from IF can understand the annoyance that a comment like that brings. Like I can just plan out when/if I am going to get pregnant. And as if I am going to skip a cycle or two because of someone's life. I think not.

Sorry, just had to vent about some of the fun comments I dealt with today. In reality though...I know that someone people are having much worse days so I need to stop complaining. Let October be the month of BFPs around here. BABY DUST TO ALL!

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Elaine said...

Good Morning, cyber buddy! Being our age--the age of multiplying and fulling the Earth--really stinks at times, huh? Makes one feel like it's happening everywhere around you, but for some reason, not for us. One day, we'll be basking around with our big ol' baby bellies! Then, we won't have to keep up with cycle day's vs baby dancing odds. A new month brings a new chance.