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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life is Precious

Tonight was just a little reminder that we aren't in control of everything. Those of us experiencing infertility are pretty aware of that already. BUT, you never think that a simple trip to the mall could be so.... scary.

Cliff notes version to make a long story short. Tonight I was at the mall and it just so happened to be "trick or treat" night there so there were a ton of adorable costumed kids. Right before 6 when it was set to begin, everyone was told to quickly evacuate from the mall. No reasons were given but moms and kids all started running for the exits. It would be hard to write in words that would make anyone understand how scary it was. Later it was determined that it was a bomb threat. What kind of crazy world do we live in?

I am exhausted from the stress of the night. I was grid locked in the parking lot for an hour as ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars kept flooding the area. So many scenarios were running through my head. The little lesson I have learned is that I need to thankful for the things I do have and appreciate them instead of dwelling on things that I don't have. (BFP)

I need some sleep. Sweet dreams to you all!


Fertilize Me said...

HOLY COW! I hope that you get lots of rest and peace this weekend. That is some serioulsy scary stuff. Thank you for stopping by to offer my sweet comments!

Elaine said...

oh my...I can't even begin to imagine how scared you must have been. I'm so glad that you (and all the others)are safe and hopefully the authorities will catch this prankster and punish them!

Searching said...

Oooo, how scary! I'm glad you are okay!!!

Thanks for your comments on my pictures. We were married a year and a half ago but when I look at the photos it seems like yesterday. :) I still feel like a newlywed. I'm glad it was inspirational and have fun scrapbooking!!